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Who I Am

Hello. My name is Luanne Ribble and I started Coaster Creations about 6 years ago. It all started when I needed an idea for my daughter’s bridal shower. I saw an episode on Ellen and they were making cork coasters. I thought that was a great idea but needless to say they did not turn out the way I had planned. I then went online and did research on other types of coasters and long story short, Coaster Creations was born.

My Experenice

For the first 4 years or so, all I created was coasters. We have now expanded to so many other items. Please feel free to check out the shop page to see all the items we offer. A new item, the “face coverings” are not on this site yet but will be in the near future. Please get in touch with me if you are interested before they are on the site.