Here’s the page listing all the items that are available.  Check out the right hand side of the page for the products.  IF there is an item you are looking for and can’t find it, please let me know and I can help you find it.

I will be tweaking this page to get the categories and product names just right for ease of shopping.  Please accept my apologies until this is completed.  I wanted to get my site up and running and felt I could tweak the categories as time went on.  For a quick list of what is available, see below:

mugs; water bottles and tumblers; travel mugs; stainless steel wine tumbler; socks; coasters (4 styles); tribute throws; pillows; beveled glass photo panel; slate photo panels; glass cutting boards; linen tote bags; license plates (for children décor), headbands/facemasks; neck ties; pet collars; pet leash; pet collar with scarf; pet bowls; pet bandanas; pet mat; linen placemats; linen coasters; linen Christmas stocking; linen pencil case; linen makeup bag; garden flags, dry erase boards, 2 and 4 glass wine caddies; Christmas and Halloween 4pc display sets; earrings and more to come

If there’s an item you are thinking you need for any reason, please contact me. There are 100s of different products that can be had.  I would love to work with any idea you may have

**SHIPPING (if applicable) is extra and will be calculated at time of shipping.  Invoice will be sent for payment before order is shipped out.  Due to the number of possible combinations of products, it is impossible to know the shipping cost until order has been completed

***DESIGNS:  you will notice some items have multiple designs. These are all designs that can be chosen. Some other items only show 1 design. That just means I do not have any premade designs to choose from.  You can look at some of the designs I have put into files (on the Design page) or you can choose your own photo.

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